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Surviving R. Kelly: (17) New videos from former employees resulted in latest R Kelly arrest

Monday 15 July 2019. R Kelly remained in custody over the weekend after facing new federal charges in the US last week over allegations relating to sex trafficking, images of child abuse and obstruction of justice. A judge will decide in the next day or so whether to grant the musician bail.

The star, of course, was already facing an assortment of charges in relation to allegations of sexual abuse, including against underage girls. The flurry of criminal action comes after the airing of that documentary at the start of the year, which put the spotlight back on numerous allegations of sexual abuse that have been made against Kelly over the years.

He continues to deny all the allegations made against him. And his lawyers will now seek bail so that the musician can continue to fight the various criminal actions from outside jail. However, according to the Associated Press, federal prosecutors have requested that bail be denied, arguing that Kelly is both dangerous and a flight risk.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that videos handed over to investigators by former employees of Kelly have aided the criminal proceedings against the star and likely led to last week’s new charges. TMZ says that former members of Kelly’s “inner circle” handed over more than 20 videos that show Kelly sexually abusing minors.

Citing lawyer Gerald Griggs, who is representing the family of one of Kelly’s alleged victims, Joycelyn Savage, the gossip site says that “the tapes show multiple victims … and prosecutors confirmed with multiple witnesses [that] the girls were underage”.

It goes on: “Griggs says several of Kelly’s enablers – past and present – flipped and turned over the tapes to investigators. He says those videos were exactly what the feds needed to secure indictments for sex crimes, including child pornography”.

According to the AP, a case status hearing will take place in Chicago later today. A federal judge may then consider Kelly’s application for bail as soon as tomorrow.

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