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Success Story: From Sorrow to Success – The Story of Two Brothers

Unchain Our Children’s case manager deals with some of the most atrocious situations children find themselves in.

The challenge never changes, it always beckons a speedy and effective solution where hopelessness are changed into happy endings.

Such is the story of two brothers, deserted by their biological mother, and the fight of the biological father to become the primary caregiver.  Here is where the Unchain Team of experts took the case and professionally intervened to make it happen, for him and his sons.

Despite a serious illness, their stepmother lovingly devoted her love and care together with their father to raise the boys in stable emotional surroundings which induced respect and loyalty and a stable family life.

After many months, upon a house visit, our case manager witnessed the complete change in the demeanour of the boys; no more swearing, no more aggression, no more doubt and no more devastating effects of neglect.  Safe, under the watchful and concerning eye of the father and stepmother, they played under the trees, just as children should.

Love always gives a second chance.

Unchain Our Children will continue to serve by uplifting the vulnerable.

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