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Purple Willow Alberton

The Purple Willow In Alberton

Service to the community

Dalene Bishop of The Teddy Bear Clinic reiterated that Unchain Our Children will be the service providers of the new safe house. Wayne van Onselen of Unchain Our Children stressed that this will be a springboard place of safety. He also said they will follow the route of having family ambassadors or temporal foster parents who will house and care for the children. Linette Linvelt of Unchain our Children told the RECORD that the temporal safe house will possibly be a blueprint, with which its services will likely be taken outside of Alberton.

Good Morning Alberton Residents

We are now at the stage where the house is in need of refurbishment so we can get it up to the standard that is fit for purpose and to provide the loving, safe and secure home our children are so desperately in need of.

We appeal to all residents, businesses and community members to please come forward to offer any form of assistance with the refurbishment of The Purple Willow. Please contact me, one of my team or Corneil du Plessis on 082 772 8630, if you are able to assist in any way possible, whether big or small. Corneil is the Project Manager.


As you are aware, The Purple Willow will be a temporary home for our children. Once they leave the home, and the court procedures begin, the children will require homes to go to until the final determination by the court is made. This is where we appeal to the members of our wonderful community to PLEASE come forward if you are willing to be a FAMILY AMBASSADOR home to a child or children.

All Family Ambassador homes will be vetted through Child Welfare Greater Alberton and the SAPS. If you are willing and able to be a Family Ambassador family/home, please contact the Director of Child Welfare Greater Alberton, Zeenith Domingo.
You can also contact Unchain our Children on 072 364 8246.

Let’s join as a community to protect those vulnerable and voiceless children and make Alberton the place where our children have a place of love, protection and care 💜

Thank you.

Tim Denny and Team