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    3 weeks, 1 day ago


    On the outskirts of a suburb, behind the Jacarandas’ purple curtain, inside the small house, screams and cries tear the night and the hearts of three young children. A streetlamp’s light plays irreverently on the blade as it flicks before he stabs his wife in the head. His prematurely aged face uptilted to the dark ceiling. From his meth mouth, he spits crude and crazy curses to kill his kids.

    Suddenly he lays the same sharp edge against his own throat. He is attempting suicide, for the second time. The previous time he hanged himself and almost succeeded. His children witnessed this violence and much more over time.


    The low-cost drug with the high toll on individuals, families and especially children.
    The rush is brief. Then high agitation fuels violent behaviour, self-mutilation, hallucinations, paranoia, and unpredictability. Binges and crashes and hangovers render a user emotionally, physically and mentally unavailable to his/her children.

    Being in the snare of the highly addictive stimulant, Methamphetamine, means euphoria for a few minutes but it reaps all reason. It overrules morals. It wreaks havoc. Its initial rush of happiness and energy and wellbeing soon wears off and dumps the user in debris of aggression, psychotic fits, heart, and brain damage, destroying structures in brain that deals with emotion and memory.

    This father experienced excruciating withdrawal but resisted our sponsored offer in a rehab facility. He lost his children. His choice might spell the end for him, but it does not have to be the end for others who find themselves trapped in addiction.

    No soul is irredeemable from the destructive patterns and cycles of domestic violence, drug abuse, or other violent events. There is a way out of the chaos. A way back to life and family reunification.


    In October 2020, Pastor Johann Viljoen of SAFREC contacted Unchain Our Children for assistance to intervene in the lives of this family where three children were exposed to mental and emotional abuse due to domestic violence and drug abuse. Our Case Manager, Ester Bredenkamp, arranged for the biological father to be assessed and confirmed a sponsored bed in a rehab institution. All he had to do, was pitch. He did not. Consequently, a court ruling determined that the children were removed and placed in a registered place of safety where they are cared for currently.


    Unchain Our Children has been creating hope for children in dire circumstances since 2013 and since, our partnership with exceptional institutions, our team has grown into a force to be reckon with. To understand the level of violence against children, is almost impossible unless one recognises it as pure evil. But, together with SAPS and other law enforcement agencies, our team reaches out, rescues children and restores lives. All laws, processes and protocols are strictly adhered to during operations.


    SAFREC’s (South African First Responder Chaplaincy) assistance is priceless as their pastors and chaplains are often the advance teams assessing situations. Their situation reports are thorough and their care for the brokenness in families can literally be described as lifesaving.