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Young Mother Reunited With Her Children

Hardly ever did humanity experienced such devastation as it experienced during 2020 and 2021. The havoc and devastation were not limited to the effects of the Covid pandemic alone.

Many single mothers lost their jobs, their homes and had to rely on family for support. Little did one mother know that she was about to lose her children, to the very family member she relied on for food and accommodation.

This family member put the young mum through unimaginable pain as she unlawfully took the children. The mum contacted Unchain Our Children and was assisted by our Case Manager regarding the Children’s Court procedures. After months of trauma this mum found work and could again provide a home for her and her children. We rejoice with her today as her beloved children are back with her. She persisted in her quest to have her children back. And we walked with her until she did.

That is why we exist, to take cases that sometimes seem impossible to solve. But with the tenacity, dedication, and professional support of the Unchain Our Children operatives, children’s best interests will always be served despite challenges.

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