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Young Couple Thriving On Their Recovery Journey After Difficult Domestic Circumstance And Substance Abuse Caused Children To Be Safeguarded

At the onset of the Covid pandemic in 2020 many families were subjected to huge losses. Breadwinners lost their jobs and often the family lost their homes as well.  Substance abuse and gender-based violence increased and families were shattered when children had to be taken to places of safety because of the dangerous domestic environment and circumstances.

These factors were quite taxing on couples and families and aggression often lead to abuse and neglect of the family and especially the children.

Unchain Our Children, together with social workers, intervened in several families’ lives.  One such family decided that the temporary loss of their children was too much to bear, and the father decided to turn the page completely and embark on a journey of recovery which benefited his wife and one child that is still with them.  His hard work and choice to turn around, paid off.

The continuous support of Unchain Our Children encouraged the couple to stay strong and the father’s employer and mentor, offered him and his wife stable jobs and blessed them with a house to live in.

It takes faith in one’s fellow man when he/she is at their lowest.  It takes genuine interest in a human life when there is still chance that it can be saved, because everyone deserves a second chance. With his wife at his side, this young father works diligently for the day when their whole family can be reunited again.

“You made me feel proud about myself and my accomplishment of being clean for two years and staying on my recovery journey”, he said to Wayne, Unchain Our Children’s founder and Executive Director upon a visit to the family to deliver a milk donation.

“I want to encourage others that are still battling with substance abuse and gender-base violence; take a stand.  Turn your life around.  Accept your parental duties and responsibilities. It takes huge effort, strength and dedication but is worth it.  There is no short cut, it is a journey becoming whole physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Be ready for the obstacles and triggers that want to throw you back to old habits and behaviours”, he enthusiastically said.

The young mum is at peace and gave all the glory to God whom both her and her husband invited back in their lives and relationship.  In their eyes the sadness is a fleeting reminder of a violent and tumultuous past, but joy outshines those memories and strong confidence and peace rule when they speak.

Contact Unchain Our Children if your family needs assistance: 067 323 7116

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