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Wings Of Inspiration Donation Of Food Items Enabled Unchain Our Children To Meet Need Of 4 Other Organizations

Recently, Unchain Our Children received a lovely donation from Wings of Inspiration Care Centre when Wayne and Nicky collected different types of porridge, Purity, juice, and a variety of other baby food.  The donation was divided and paid forward to the following four organizations so they can feed more people in their communities:

Kwaggaspoort Reddingsdaad, an organization that serve their Pretoria Wests community for 35 years already; Daybreak House, a safe haven for babies in Pretoria; My Safe Villa, place of safety in Pretoria, and a frail care facility in Pretoria.

The social- and economic unequally in South Africa is increasing and therefore the access to basic living essentials is reaching critical levels.  NPOs recognise this status and by taking hands and confronting the issue as a team, unity results in regular provision for more than one organization.  Unchain Our Children pursues every opportunity to bridge that divide and together with like-minded organizations, the need is addressed.

Generosity goes full circle when donations are shared.