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Unchain Our Children’s Trusted Partner In Trafficked Victim Extraction, Privadect, Rescued SA Citizen From Labor Trafficking Syndicate

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Another South African citizen was recently rescued from a labor trafficking syndicate and returned to South Africa, thanks to the heroic and highly professional intervention of one of Unchain Our Children’s most treasured associates, PRIVADECT, who brilliantly managed and executed the intense 7-day international intervention.

PRIVADECT (PTY) LTD is an Investigation firm with founding member and Executive Director Pieter Venter, who is a forensic investigator and intelligence operator and was also responsible, in collaboration with Unchain Our Children, SAPS, HAWKS, INTERPOL and the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) for the successful intervention and return of 10 teachers (7 South Africans) from China in 2019 who were subjected to a similar fraudulent ordeal.

Unchain Our Children applauds the survivor’s incredible bravery and tenacity and celebrates the longstanding, priceless partnership with PRIVADECT.  Unchain Our Children stands in solidarity with PRIVADECT’s pristine ethos of going, not the extra mile, but literally thousands of miles, to the ends of the earth, applying all their resources to serve, protect, and bestow liberty upon a fellow South African in dire circumstances.

A week back in the country, a further extraction of the victim suddenly became necessary due to an unforeseen threatening complication. Wayne van Onselen, Founder and Executive Director of Unchain Our Children, contacted the specialized human trafficking Metro Police unit in the province where the victim was. The officers engaged within minutes after receiving Wayne’s alert, and the escort of the victim to safety proceeded.

Taking into consideration the intense trauma that the victim endured and the severe stress and anxiety experienced, special care was taken to secure an immediate place of safety.  Every effort is being made to provide this brave survivor with all the necessary support.  Nicky McDonald, Unchain Our Children’s social worker, will also contribute specialized professional assistance in this instance.

Tremendous support from Unchain Our Children’s loyal associates and operatives is being received, aiding the survivor’s healing journey.  They have pledged collaboration and cooperation to serve this brave person on the recovery journey to victory.

The reward for Unchain Our Children is the well-being of a survivor. And immense gratitude for a formidable team of highly skilled and dedicated operatives.

Although Unchain Our Children endeavor to create awareness around trafficking in persons to prevent people from becoming victims, they are also ready to intervene immediately to bring victims to safety because of their longstanding trust and working relationship with PRIVADECT, specialized SAPS units, as well as other national and international law enforcement agencies.

Unchain Our Children would like to thank PRIVADECT sincerely for their extraordinary rescue operation and their dedication to making a tangible difference and enabling victims to become victors.

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