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Unchain Our Children’s Special Ops Unit Brought Gender-Based Violence Victims To Safety Within 24 Hours

The recent swift reaction to a distress call of the victim’s grandmother, resulted in Unchain Our Children’s Special Ops Unit, The Battle Angels Task Team, extracting the mother and child and brought to extended family within a period of 24 hours. The mother and child were immediately taken for a complete medical examination and the Task Team explored every avenue to address the matter in the most professional manner. A Criminal investigation is pending.

The highly professional Team on this case consisted of:  Cobra (NCIS Nova Galaxy), NCIS Rapid Response Team, Advanced Medic, Morgan Kruger, and Sister Babsie Kruger (Shekinah Medical 911), Regional SAPS and Unchain Our Children.

Another extraction was made at the same time and the gender-based violence victim was brought to a place of safety from where family members will meet her to take home.  Criminal investigations will follow and Unchain Our Children will still assist the survivor with court support until the case is closed.

The solidarity between team members lays a strong foundation for precision and efficiency, hence the successful and swift response to both matters. Both cases are an excellent example of team work dedicated to the cause:  to set the victims free.

The special Task Team, Unchain Our Children Battle Angels, is a joint venture and came into existence by several security companies, medical support organizations, attorneys, and doctors offering their services to be part of the liberation process for victims/survivors of Domestic- and Gender-based violence.

Are you a Domestic Violence or Gender-based Violence victim/survivor in need of assistance?

There is help. Call Unchain Our Children’s Crisis Line:  067 323 7116