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Unchain Our Children’s First Operative Meeting For 2023 Welcomed New Team Members

During the first Operatives meeting for 2023, Wayne van Onselen, Founder and Executive Director of Unchain Our Children welcomed new Team Members which will bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and hands-on help to the table.

Wayne also welcomed Nicky McDonald, Unchain Our Children’s social worker who already is working on more than thirty cases which will be securing the best interests of the children.

New affiliations with like-minded and equally dedicated individuals and organizations ensure more children, women and families can be assisted more often.

Having experienced professionals like Sister Babsie Kruger and her husband Morgan Kruger, an Advanced Medic and also Director and CEO of Shekinah Home Nursing teaming up with UOC, allows the victim and survivor to have access to the very best and immediate emergency services, whether it is elder care, home care or emergency medical care.

Naomi van Wyk, a criminology scholar and Master Life Coach is a registered NLP practitioner and coach consulting in South Africa and internationally.

She specializes in Relationship-, Student and Scholar coaching and she is a solution seeker going the extra mile to reconcile families by supporting them on their journey to functionality.

Naomi is the new UOC Operative for the East Rand and thanks to her swift action that swings in place every time a need arises, huge advances have been made in securing children’s safety.

The Chairman of Wonderboom Poort Community Police Forum, Albert Michau, was also welcomed by Wayne and commended for his operational excellence resulting in great victories during operations.

Fanie Froneman, a Specialist Operative with international experience in all occult matters was welcomed together with his lovely wife, Ianthe Froneman who is also UOC’s Ambassador and has shown her complete dedication to the recovery of gender-base violence and domestic violence survivors on every occasion by her personal outreach and heartfelt care for them.

The first Unchain Our Children Family Ambassador certificate was handed to Margareet Wessels who recently opened her home for two siblings who were brought to safety.

Margareet’s dedication to the wellbeing of neglected, abused and abandoned children knows no limits as she wholeheartedly serves children to grow, recover and heal in a loving home environment, something often completely foreign to child survivors of abuse.

Unchain Our Children is not only growing but also progressing as each new operative bring with them exceptional value and extended networks which are deeply treasured.  Teamwork guarantees efficiency!