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Unchain Our Children’s Ambassador Spoke On Gender-Based Violence, Abuse And Recovery At Brackendowns SAPS Event

Brackendowns SAPS in Alberton, hosted a community event at Doxa Deo Church in Meyersdal recently where Unchain Our Children’s Ambassador, Ianthe Wessels, Mrs Universe South Africa 2019, spoke on the horrific reality of gender-based violence, domestic abuse, and workplace abuse.

Her story, from victim to victor, captivated the audience and her message encouraged those who are still chained to a life of abuse.

She emphasized the importance of recognizing abuse for what it is, then to act and stop the cycle by speaking out against it:

“We need to focus on all the different types of abuse every day of the year, not only 16 days.  It is not only domestic abuse and gender-based violence that women are exposed to but also human trafficking, the occult and workplace abuse.  People need to be aware and remove themselves from the source of abuse even although it is not an easy road.  Find your voice. You are worthy. You are important.  You are enough.  Don’t be a victim for the rest of your life. You can overcome. You can conquer and win. Hold onto the Lord”, she said.

Ianthe’s own story astonishes; how she was not only subject to intimate partner abuse but also work-place abuse and sexual harassment. Although it took huge courage and determination to leave both environments for good, her success as a business woman is evident that it can be done.

She is actively supporting victims of violence by, amongst other, court support and speaking at awareness campaigns.

Most cases of femicide are committed by intimate partners and are characterized by ongoing abuse at home, threats, and intimidation.

Even after the survivor has left, stalking and cyber harassment can still take place and it is advisable to report abuse and get a protection order.

Long years of abuse resulted in diminished identity, insecurity, fear of failure and guilt.  The ultimate remedy is to turn your back on every aspect and link that represent abuse and follow your God-given calling to live, work and exist for God’s glory.

Ianthe’s demeanour is one of a confident victor.  She carries her victory like a crown, one that sparkles even more than the one she wore as Mrs Universe 2019.

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