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Unchain Our Children Team’s Intervention In Severe Elder Abuse And Neglect Saved Patient From Certain Demise

This week Unchain Our Children was alerted to a case of severe elder neglect and abuse including, malnutrition, extreme dehydration, poor personal hygiene, a broken hip, untreated bedsores, and debilitating weakness. Cobra, from National Crime Investigation Services (NCIS) Control Room was immediately contacted, and they dispatched the medics. Within 10 minutes, Shekinah 911 Emergency Medical Services arrived on the scene. Nothing however could prepare them for the state of neglect and abuse that was awaiting them.

After a thorough medical assessment by advanced medic, Morgan Kruger and Sister Babsie Kruger of Shekinah 911 Emergency Medical Services, the very sad state of this frail human being was realised. A slow pulse and very low oxygen levels added further urgency to the case.  It was beyond belief.  What was more terrifying though, was the flippant behaviour and reaction of the family members who were supposed to have cared for their parent but withheld the very basic human needs: food, drink, and comfort. And, they were oblivious to the pain their parent had to endure.  Strict measures were also taken by UOC’s intervention team to prevent further financial abuse by the family and a criminal investigation of the case is pending.

Thanks to Shekinah 911 Emergency Medical Services’ swift action, and their intervention and travelling arrangements for the patient, admission in one of Pretoria’s hospitals was quickly arranged for further much needed medical care.  Currently undergoing treatment, the patient requested to rather go to a place of safety than to return to her children. Although deeply traumatized by months of neglect, and struggling to communicate, the patient was coherent and expressed gratitude towards the team for the rescue.

The cruelty of the case is calling attention to several important aspects: The strong working relationship with Cobra and National Crime Investigations Services (NCIS) and the direct access to their control room.  The concerned citizen who reported the elder abuse:  Without the report, the patient would still be suffering and probably have died.  Unchain Our Children’s speedy reaction: Alerting their network and core operatives. Shekinah 911 Emergency Medical Services’ swift response:  speeding in their response with one goal: to make a difference in this patient’s life, whether the patient could pay or not.

Evident in those who serve selflessly, are qualities that shine in the darkest corners of society’s decay.  What one observes of both Morgan and Babsie of the Shekinah Team is their humble demeanour, their pledge to give God the glory and how their actions speak as loud as their words; how they stay true to God’s great command of loving their fellow man and living up to the ethos of their name, Shekinah – a Hebrew word meaning, “Glory of God”, “Dwelling,” or “Presence”, “the presence of God in the world.”

Unchain our Children is privileged to have Morgan, previously a SAPS officer and Sister Babsie on board. They have founded and are running three related business successfully; Shekinah Home Nursing, serving the elderly and patients since 2018, Shekinah 911 Emergency Medical Services, which is already active for two years and the Shekinah Training Institution where they teach others the excellence of what they have already mastered.

In retrospect, service to our fellow man in need, boils down to really one thing:  do you care enough to stop, or do you care less and turn your back on the abused?  In our mind’s eye we see Morgan and Babsie stop, like the Good Samaritan that stopped at a beaten traveller and nursed his wounds and paid his stay.  Words seem not efficient to thank them.  So, a huge salute to Morgan and Babs, two incredible people, not only standing in the gap for patients and the elderly but adding immense value to Unchain Our Children’s Team in service of the vulnerable.

Unchain Our Children’s sincerest gratitude goes to:  Cobra from National Crime Investigation Services (NCIS) and Shekinah 911 Emergency Medical Services for their exemplary execution of their services in this case.

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