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Unchain Our Children Reached Out To New Beginningz In A Collaboration Effort To Support Abused And Abandoned Babies & Toddlers

In an ongoing effort to identify places of safety that compassionately care for abandoned and abused babies and children, Unchain Our Children reached out to New BeginningZ today and besides the lovely visit, we were blessed with Baby Formula donated to UOC for distribution to other babies elsewhere in dire need of it.

With a strong belief in collaboration between like-minded organizations acting in the best interests of the child, UOC also often shares donations that can provide food and clothes for the children. Although not the core of UOC work, once donations are received, it is shared.

New BeginningZ, is a place of safety in Laudium that was opened in 2009 and cares for abandoned, abused, and neglected babies and toddlers. Celebrating 21 years, focusing on prevention and early intervention, they include care for babies who need specialized short-term care and also for babies with severe special medical needs such as drug and alcohol addicted babies as well as babies that have suffered severe abuse as well as young rape victims. Here, they experience love, care, and protection.

Encouraging young mothers not to just dump babies in dustbins, toilets, parks, or streets, they offered them the “Baby Wall” with an opening where they can safely leave unwanted babies and give them an opportunity to live.