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Unchain Our Children Part Of Team Planning New Temporary Place Of Safety For Gender-Based Violence Survivors

Unchain Our Children together with like-minded individuals, joined an initiative for establishing a temporary place of safety in Pretoria for mothers who are victims of gender-based violence.  Together with a team of sponsors, donors and generous individuals, planning for the little haven is taking great shape.

Recently, Wayne van Onselen, Founder and Executive Director of Unchain Our Children and Nicky McDonald, UOC’s social worker, have recently met with several Manne van die Moot to brainstorm possibilities, explore options, and discuss ways to furnish the sponsored space.

The high rates of gender-based violence is an indication that more workable strategies should be explored to aid survivors of this debilitating trauma experienced by so many women in our country.  Shelters and places of safety should really be a key service.

In the light of the huge shortage of shelters, every new one that is planned, gives renewed hope to the survivors.  Accommodating survivors in a place of safety interrupt the cycle of abuse and give them an opportunity to receive counselling and be directed to therapy in order to start their restoration process.

Anyone who wants to contribute to this place of safety, can call Wayne van Onselen:  072 364 8246