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Unchain Our Children Operatives’ Quick Intervention Prevented Young Woman From Becoming Another Human Trafficking Statistic

An incident of trafficking in people on the East Rand, was prevented over the weekend by the swift action of UOC’ specialized counter human trafficking operative reacting to the alert. The survivor was extracted and escorted to a hospital where she was treated.  A human trafficking syndicate is under investigation in this regard.

”The swift professional action of the role players made all the difference for this South African citizen”, said Wayne van Onselen, Founder and Executive Director of Unchain Our Children upon congratulating the role players of this successful extraction.

The existence of multiple transnational trafficking rings is a huge threat to men, women, and children in South Africa.  Their criminal network lures women and young girls with the promises of well-paying jobs but once in their power, they are coerced into the commercial sex trade, forced to consume illicit drugs, and sexually exploited, humiliated, and treated inhumanely.

Early intervention by specialized operators, is of utmost importance for the prevention of lives being hijacked into the horrors of human trafficking.

We are extremely grateful towards Mamba Security in Edenvale for their diligence and we commend Elmarie Pretorius, Founder of Touch of Hope Search & Rescue, for her solidarity and her dedication as professional child protection activist in the combatting of human trafficking in the East rand communities and surrounds.

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