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Unchain Our Children Launched Junior Battle Angel Project Encouraging South African Youth’s Interaction With Communities

To serve, is not only the highest honour, but also one of the strongest character-building tools for our country’s young adults.  Wayne van Onselen, Executive Director of Unchain Our Children announced the Junior Battle Angel project recently during Unchain’s first outreach together with Bidvest McCarthy Toyota Gezina, SAPS Moot FCS, Shekinah 911 Emergency Medical Services, Living Word Brummeria, Oos Moot High School, and Cater Warehouse, to an elder care facility in Pretoria.

“We want to empower the youth to be the voice of the voiceless,” said Wayne.

During the event, representatives of the contributing organizations used the platform to encourage the children to invest in community service and be the difference they would like to see. Cater Warehouse’s delicious snacks were greatly appreciated.

The project was well also received by Ms JD Kupke, spokesperson of Bidvest McCarthy Toyota Gezina who enthusiastically contributed towards the event and donated sweetie packs for the children to hand over to the elderly who were delighted with their gifts.  “We are excited to join Unchain Our Children in this first outreach with Oos Moot High School and we are and looking forward to this partnership growing”, she said.

Nicky McDonald, Unchain Our Children’s social worker, with a lifetime of experience, especially in youth development, briefed the school children to instil in them a sense of service, giving back to society, and to be a kind presence for the vulnerable

“This project fulfils a two-tier purpose; to encourage young adults to reach out and serve, and for vulnerable communities to experience true connectivity and networking.  We envisage this to be a life-changing and fulfilling experience for both the youth as well as the communities they serve,” said Nicky.

Unchain Our Children will be targeting schools, churches, and youth groups in an effort to create awareness for this much needed project.  All young adults are invited to join the Junior Battle Angel Project where they will be awarded with a certificate celebrating their participation.

The official emblem for the Junior Battle Angel, an original artwork in acrylic, was created by the talented Jeanè McDonald, a grade 11 pupil of Oos Moot High School whose incredible detailed interpretation of the Junior Battle Angel ethos was inspired by her love of art which beautifully equipped her in depicting the message of this noble initiative.

For donations and support of this project:

contact Wayne van Onselen on 072 364 8246.

Visit Bidvest, McCarthy Toyota Gezina:

Discover Oos Moot High School:

Visit Cater Warehouse:

Support Shekinah 911 Emergency Medical Services:

Support a young artist: Jeanè McDonald 082 329 3776