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Unchain Our Children Invited To Launch Of Wellness Centre South Africa

Wayne van Onselen, Founder and Executive Director of Unchain Our Children was invited as one of the guest speakers, at the launch of the Wellness Centre South Africa, an initiative with the purpose of

  1. serving the survivors of abuse in the community,
  2. offering restorative trauma counselling by collaborating with existing NPOs and NPCs,
  3. together with other like-minded organizations with the same goal.

Pastor Maryna Smith, from Sozein Ministries – a ministry for broken women – welcomed the guests.

Lisa Nel, coordinator of Trans World Radio’s activities in Southern Africa and mission bearer for the Wellness Centre SA, initiated this project through Women of Hope — a NPO offering emotionally scarred survivors of GBV / Human Trafficking / Substance Abuse / Rape / and Domestic Violence a Christ-centered short- or long-term multifaceted restoration programmes focusing on spiritual, emotional, and physical healing and personal development.

The level of abuse against women and children has reached a point in South Africa where it can’t be effectively defined other than to call it evil.

“We, at Wellness Centre SA, want to reach out to these women and children, who are still chained to their abusers and circumstances, because they do not have the emotional capacity and often not the money to reach out for help”, Lisa said

The Wellness Centre intends to render these restoration services free to survivors.

With the launch of the Wellness Centre South Africa today, the organizers called on South Africa’s counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, carers and chaplains to join the initiative nationwide in their quest to restore abandoned, neglected, and abused women and children through counselling so they can become their authentic self again and thrive as an individual.

Appalling is the increasing suicide of mothers and fathers which in some cases leads to the suicide of children themselves as they feel lost without their parents.



“Tithe an hour of your day”, Lisa implored the professionals of South Africa.

Trans World Radio (TWR) partnered with the Africa Evangelical Fellowship to create a radio ministry in Southern Africa and broadcasts to the entirety of the African continent via satellite and AM frequencies, as well as globally via online live streaming. TWR’s South African studio is located in Johannesburg, from where it broadcasts to South Africa on the frequency 1170 AM and it is also available on channel 855 on DSTV.

Dr Vic Herbst – holding a Ph.D in holistic medicine and a PHD in the management of counselling as well as a qualification in Nouthetic Counselling – is Managing Director, Health Care and Counselling for Ruach Wellness Rehabilitation Centre in Daleside Randvaal, where a holistic treatment approach is applied to empower clients “to take ownership of their wellness”.

People suffering from substance abuse and addictions to prescription drugs are treated here so they can break free from destructive cycle of addiction and build a solid foundation for a substance free future.

Dr Herbst, the main speaker, addressed trauma and how it affects people in fascinating detail and emphasized the value of vocal encouragement by professional counsellors while in conversation with clients.

“Don’t let your past imprisoned your future”, he warned when he encouraged survivors to seek counselling.

A person’s authenticity is blocked when he/she is traumatized.  It is blocked to survive.

He explained some signs of unresolved trauma caused by abuse:

  • unpredictable moods
  • you can’t love or trust anymore
  • stop dreaming
  • loose hope
  • can’t hold relationships
  • become selfish
  • blame others
  • live in a fantasy world
  • deep depression
  • a complete change of countenance

Dr Herbst is an advocate for holistic restoration programs and motivates survivors to seek professional counsel, sooner rather than later. He also pointed out how important SAQA accredited training is for counsellors.

Frauke Zachman from Freedom Challenge Africa underlined the importance of collaboration between organizations as 35 million people are enslaved by human trafficking, annually, a $32 Billion industry worldwide. 80% of trafficked persons are women and girls.

Prevention of human trafficking is essential and can be achieved by awareness programs, rescue missions and restoration programs.

Everyone is someone’s Child”, a phrase coined by Wayne van Onselen, Founder and Executive Director of Unchain Our Children, impressed the audience when he explained how the activities of UOC prevent, curb, and address the domain of evil where abuse in all its horrific ways, destroys women and children’s lives.

We are the voice of the voiceless”, Wayne said “And we reach, rescue and restore those that are neglected, abandoned and trafficked”.

The launch of the Wellness Centre of South Africa will not only be remembered for the beautiful breakfast buffet – catered by Eagles Nest in Kempton Park – but also for the warmth with which new acquaintances were made and old ones rekindled, and for the deep reverence of and dependence on God Almighty, and that “Hope knows no barriers” as the slogan of Trans World Radio so beautifully states.


Trans World Radio (TWR):

Women of Hope:

Ruach Wellness Rehabilitation Centre:

The Freedom Challenge Africa:

Sozein Ministries:  Pastor Maryna Smith:  Counsellor, Marriage Officer & Counsellor, Commissioner of Oaths and Grief Share Coach.

  • Mobile:  083 292 7367


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