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Unchain Our Children In Conversation With Olivia Jasriel

Survivor, Activist and Founder of The Jasriel Foundation – Athletes against Child Abuse (AACA)

Unchain Our Children is immensely privileged to announce the partnership with The Jasriel Foundation in order to combat sexual abuse against children as a joint effort and together assist victims and survivors to seek justice and accompany them on their recovery journey.

Invited as Guest Speaker by The Council of Europe for Global Event in London end of May 2023

For the past 13 years, Olivia has earned international accolades for her dedication to survivor’s causes, and she has become a speaker of note on international platforms, advocating for the rights of survivors of sexual abuse and to bring sex offenders to accountability.  The Council of Europe invited Olivia to participate in a series of planning meetings and workshops to be held in London between 30th May and 2nd June 2023.

“If we don’t have honest conversations, how else are we going to get the awareness out there! I have eight grandchildren; my job is to make sure what happen to me doesn’t happen to them.”  – Olivia Jasriel

Both organizations are results-driven and in synergy with envisaged outcomes and dedicated to address the injustices and sexual crimes against children. Solidarity in their approach, conduct and extensive activities solidifies the partnership which has one goal – to pave the way for more survivors to speak up and come forward.

“The Jasriel foundation athletes against child abuse (aaca) is a first in South Africa! A victim-centric organisation run by survivors for survivors!”

Visit The Jasriel Foundation:

Contact Unchain Our Children National Crisis Line:  067 323 7116

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