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Unchain Our Children In Conversation With Free To Fly Where Human Trafficking Victims Are Restored To Conquering Victors

Wayne van Onselen, Founder and Executive Director for Unchain Our Children is currently networking with several prominent role players in the Western Cape who share the vision of Unchain Our Children to equip survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking with knowledge and direction to complete their recovery journey once they have been freed from the abuse of those violent environments.

He has recently met with Salome Geiger, Co-Founder of Free To Fly, a Christian-based non-profit company with a mandate to restore survivors and lead them from victim to victor and establish their foundation in Christ while they journey through the process of healing. Once they are strong and conquered the unimaginable trauma, they go back to their communities as “agents of change”.

Free To Fly’s logo of a butterfly escaping a flame is not only significant of victory but also an accurate depiction of the dynamics of a survivor escaping the doldrums of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Both organisations are in active pursuit of the liberation of survivors of human trafficking. “I am delighted with the prospect of collaborating with Unchain Our Children”, Salome said.

Before Free To Fly was registered in 2020, Salome and the Team at Free To Fly have been active in the fight against human trafficking for decades.

Raising awareness of human trafficking is part of Free To Fly’s core activities.  They conduct outreach programs to communities at large and presentations to schools alerting the learners to the dangers of cyber trafficking.  Learners are also informed about the red flags and how to recognise the signs and trappings, typical of human trafficking, abduction, and other human right violations.  Audiences are directed to resources and are educated to prevent, address, and report such incidents.

Podcasts on subjects related to the combatting of human trafficking are easily accessible and available online

In tandem with the dedicated team at Free To Fly, Unchain Our Children will continue to spread the message of hope, the one element of survival essential for completing the race to restoration.


Contact Free To Fly:



Telephone:  +27 64 974 5007

Hotline:  080 022 2777