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Unchain Our Children Gained Zmed Emergency Medical Support Thanks To Shekinah 911 Introduction

Morgan Kruger, Founder and Director of Shekinah 911 Emergency Medical and also an advanced medic, introduced ZMED Emergency Medical Services to the work Unchain Our Children does.  ZMED has now announced that they, together with Shekinah 911, will also support UOC during operations and extractions.

The value of a partnership, in serving the vulnerable in a community, is one of the foundation stones of good and efficient service to abused women and children and victims and survivors of human trafficking.  UOC deeply values the excellent partnership with Shekinah 911 EMS who led to ZMED EMS extending their services as well.

While both SHEKINAH 911 EMS and ZMED EMS were deployed to serve during a sport event at Clapham High School in Pretoria, their working agreement was confirmed.  A classic partnership was solidified in action on the soccer pitch.

Since UOC entered into a working relationship with Shekinah 911 Emergency Medical Services, many survivors and victims were helped to get medical support and now together with ZMED, even more lives will be saved.

ZMED provides high-quality Basic Life Support (BLS), Intermediate (ILS) and Advanced Life Support.

Wayne van Onselen, Executive Director of Unchain Our Children expressed his immense gratitude towards ZMED’s generosity and is welcoming their team of paramedics.

 Learn more about Z-MED Emergency Medical Services:

Visit Shekinah 911 Emergency Medical Services:

Contact Unchain Our Children’s Crisis Line for help:  067 323 7116