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Unchain Our Children delivers more donations to the Grace Centre place of safety in Northwest Province

Discover. Uncover. Reveal.
This is pretty much the Modus Operandi of Unchain Our Children. Not only true when we are investigating cases reported to us, but also when we have the privilege to provide in the needs of children at the various places of safety.
Often, we discover new places of safety in our search for placements of children. We uncover the needs, go to work, make it known among our networks, and return to the homes to reveal all the generous donations we received by members of the public.
With a bakkie load of infant formula, bottles, a pram, baby chair, blankies and other treats we returned to the Grace Help Centre in Mooinooi, unload the precious cargo and were met by the Founder, Rina van den Berg who enthusiastically received us with great joy.
We couldn’t help but pause at the bed of a sleeping baby and once again realized the importance of our cause – to intervene, save and protect the innocent and the helpless from exploitation and abuse. To fearlessly care for the next generation.
And to stand in solidarity with those, like Rina van den Berg who live to give her love, her time and dedication.
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