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Unchain Our Children And Specialized SAPS Units Part Of Awareness Campaign On Sexual Exploitation And Cyber Bullying At Oos-Moot High School

Wayne van Onselen, Founder and Executive Director of Unchain Our Children, together with Pretoria Moot FCS (Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences unit), Kilnerpark Security and members of the South African Police Service’s Serial and Electronic Crime unit, (SECI), a specialized section within FCS, gathered at Oos-Moot High School as part of an awareness campaign to educate children about cyber bullying, dangers of sexual grooming and promiscuous sexual behavior.

Sound advice from the law enforcement officers themselves were received well. The learners were encouraged to report suspicious persons and incidents immediately to a trusted teacher or parent or contact Unchain Our Children on the national crisis line for assistance.  Any action by a person towards a child, with the sole purpose of exploitation, is illegal and needs to be reported by anyone who is aware of such behavior.

The effects of cyber bullying and sexual exploitation of children extend beyond just the victim/survivor; it impacts parents, siblings, extended families, friends and entire communities, hence this outreach today of a team of specialists addressing these heinous crimes against children and the ways and means to prevent, curb and combat it.

Call Unchain Our Children if you are a victim of sexual exploitation or bullying and you need help:  067 3237116

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