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Unchain Our Children And Residentia Group In Tandem To Support The Vulnerable In Our Community

Unchain Our Children was delighted to hand over 40 blankets as well as the second donation of medical items received from Pharmacy Direct, to Sister Ilse Haasbroek, General Manager, Care of the Residentia Group, for use in the newly established Wellness Clinic at Hermon in Pretoria North, one of Residentia’s elder care facilities in South Africa.

Receiving and giving.  This is the two-way street the two organizations have embarked upon to support the vulnerable in our community.  What we receive we share and so help those who need it most.

During a visit to Residentia Hermon and the Community Clinic there, we experienced a warm reception by Sister Bettie Burger, Care Service Manager for Residentia Hermon and Sister Alida van Staden in charge of the Wellness Clinic.

Meeting and chatting with some of the happy residents and care workers we learned just how well they are living and working.  Later around the table, before lunch, Casper Seegers, Maintenance Manager for Hermon, said grace and we sensed their humble dependence on the Almighty God and their personal peace, joy and dedication to their noble task of caring for their residents.

We learned about management’s future plans for Hermon, the library and coffee café. We walked through the long wide corridors with shiny floors and paused to enjoy the sunny rooms.  Entering the Wellness Clinic, is entering a world-class facility where patients are served immediately by experienced and well-trained medical professionals.

You don’t wait, you are assisted when you enter the door.  Affordable for those with or without medical aid and free for those who have no income and often are completely destitute and in dire need of medical assistance.

A new 12-room Restoration Care wing is being renovated and customized for convalescence care for patients who have been discharged from hospital but cannot afford stepdown care.  Here, at Hermon, patients not only can be rehabilitated but their families’ will also be involved in the restoration care.

This is a huge benefit for both patient and immediate family because the family need to be equipped to care for the patient once they go home. A one-stop facility and affordable, Residentia Hermon Wellness Clinic is a great solution for so many Pretoria citizens.

Students enrolled for Solidarity’s caregiver’s course, are doing their practical hours (450 hours per student) at Residentia Hermon and add to the specialist care of Hermon’s in-house caregivers and medical personnel.

Almost 50 years old, Hermon is a beautiful property with capacity to care for 140 residents.  Lovely gardens where residents can enjoy the sunny outdoors and relax, surround the property.

The community clinic in Hermon offers the following services:  Primary Health Care, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Diabetes Care, Diet Advice, Injections, Stoma Care, Wound Care, Nebulization, Rehabilitation Services, and other therapeutic Services.

Open for anyone in need, the clinic is managed by Sister Alida van Staden who also has a dispensing license and can issue prescriptions.  Prices for these essential services are indeed affordable.

Medical care is given to the vulnerable in the Pretoria North area, but everyone is welcome at the Community Clinic.  External care for patients at home is also done.

Visit the Residential Wellness Clinic at 469 Generaal de Wet Street, Pretoria North or call for an appointment.

For more information, contact Sr Alida van Staden on 012 546 6688

NOTE:  Photos of the property, management, residents and caregivers are taken with their permission.

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