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Two young girls brought to safety by Unchain Our Children’s Operatives Team

A five-year-old girl and her eleven-year-old sister were brough to safety from dire domestic circumstances where they were severely neglected by the biological parents to such an extent that the older girl suffered from suicidal thoughts.  The successful operation was completed in cooperation with Rata social services, Metro Police and Angels in Need.

Yesterday a school contacted Unchain Our Children regarding their concern about children.  A therapist confirmed their concerns. After the information was channelled to the appointed social Services organization in the area, the operation was planned among all the relevant operatives.

Today, UOC, together with all the parties involved, the two children were brought to a place of safety. Policies, procedures, and protocols were adhered to. The speed and efficiency of the team contributed to the success and positive outcome of this case


More and more cases currently emerge where the biological parents have completely neglected their parental responsibilities and instead chose drugs, alcohol, and a promiscuous lifestyle over the well-being of their children.  The consequences of their poor choice are reflected in the sorry state of the house.  It is dirty, unhygienic, and not a haven for children.

Adding injury to the insult, characters of ill repute, posing as friends of the parents, frequent the home and share in the drug use and other unsavoury acts.  The children are exposed to these behaviours and endangered.

Children become a burden and are often dumped on the grandparents who then become the primary caregivers even when they themselves are in dire need for basic living essentials and sometimes live in makeshift accommodation.

Unchain Our Children continues to act in the best interest of the child and assist child care services and law enforcement services to bring them to safety. Children caught up in abuse, neglect, and abandonment, is given a new lease on life – that of love and care.

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