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Two Children Saved From Devastating Domestic Environment

Case file content reveals time and time again just how devastating drug, alcohol and prescription medication addiction, or a combination thereof, can be. Not only on the user’s life, but also on the lives of the spouse and children.

Addiction adds to the murky waters of domestic violence, gender-based violence and child abuse. Children are stuck in the midst of this violence and their voices sometimes drown in the cacophony of this chaos.

Once Unchain Our Children is alerted to cases like this, the investigation starts in accordance with the appointed social workers in the area. The children’s best interests are always priority and addressed accordingly. Unchain Our Children’s National Senior Case Manager equips the social worker with complete unbiased status reports and encourages parents to seek rehabilitation and therapy.

Family reunification and recovery from addiction, abuse and violence always remains our main goal.

In this case, despite negative coaching of the mother against the father, both children were placed in the care of the father by the Children’s Court, where they are residing safely now.

If any person is aware of abuse against children, please report it. It is the right thing to do.

Unchain Our Children Crisis Line: 067 323 7116

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