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Twins Brought To Safety Two Years Ago Thrive In New Parents’ Care

Recently we received a message that not only brightened our day, but also inspired us in our quest to rescue children from abuse:

“The twins are doing so, so well!.  They are loving school and just enjoying life.  It is so great to see.”

The message of their testimony spurs us on; their praise becomes our war cry; the banner that we boldly fly in the face of increasing abuse against children. We will continue to save children from abuse, exploitation, human trafficking, abandonment, and neglect.

For the twins the dark years ended, like a long night when they were brought to safety two years ago by the UOC Team of Operatives.  They were rescued from a dysfunctional family where substance abuse took priority over their wellbeing.

That moment when the cycle of child abuse is broken, is like dressing them in a dream coat, leaving the tatters behind with the hard years.  The new parents’ love is like a golden thread, weaving liberty, peace, permanence, nurture, care, safety, security, and acceptance in the tapestry of the young lives. Warm embraces ban nightmares of the past and smiles encourage their every effort to become their most beautiful own persons.

Unchain Our Children wants to thank the role players and new parents who step forward to offer children new lives so that they are not unloved and mistreated anymore.  That is the blessing, that a life is not only saved, but renewed.

The cycle of abuse can be broken when incidents are reported by the public.  Children get a new lease on life, love, and healthy adulthood.


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