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The Value Of Unity And Partnership Between Organizations Celebrated During Exchange Of Donations Benefitting The Respective Communities

Promoting unity among like-minded NPOs and NPCs is close to Unchain Our Children’s heart.  It is in teamwork, sharing of resources and many times sharing of food donations, that the goal of serving the vulnerable communities comes together. Teamwork between organisations benefits their respective recipients.

Besides Unchain Our Children’s core actions, to combat violence against women and children, they also have a deep concern for the wellbeing of the elderly.  We have been fortunate to partner with Sister Ilse Haasbroek, National Manager for Care for the Residentia Group which has 13 care facilities across South Africa and experience their ethos of people first.  Our places of safety that we serve, have benefitted many times from great donations of furniture and food, generously given by Residentia and in return, Unchain Our Children donated several necessary items to Residentia.

What was planned today as a single handover of brand-new books, by Callyn Bowler, (Founder of The Heart of Stella Foundation) to Sister Ilse Haasbroek, (National Manager Care Residentia Group) for their libraries in selected facilities, ended up in a huge surprise when Sister Ilse and Casper arrived with a bakkie-load of Purity, surplus of a donation to them, as a gift to The Heart of Stella Foundation, who is collaborating with Unchain Our Children running a project to improve a learning environment for children. It was a classic example of the intended synergy between organizations that was envisioned by, The Heart of Stella Foundation, Residentia and Unchain Our Children.

Structured or even semi-structured intergenerational programs, where children interact with the elderly can bring communities together.  Classic is the example when a dementia patient, who never spoke, suddenly started to speak when a child came and interacted with her.  Other outcomes, where the elderly knit, and the kiddies wearing the knitted scarfs, can be another purposeful exercise.

The Heart of Stella Foundation, “believes in the potential of the poor and abused to effect change in their own lives”, and focuses on supporting other organizations in their endeavor to facilitate and support change and growth in communities needing empowerment.”

 Unchain Our Children was fortunate to be selected by Callyn Bowler, Founder of The Heart of Stella Foundation, to forward initiatives to better the lives of women and children in a tangible way. Callyn Bowler, Founder of The Heart of Stella Foundation is also a seasoned and successful business woman who is Managing Director of her company Morale Corp.

“Unchain Our Children immediately aligned to our value system, and we believe that by working with them we can achieve a mutual goal of affecting the lives of women and children positively”, said Callyn.  

The world is in turmoil but, today kindness, goodness, generosity, and unity were celebrated by Unchain Our Children when we were instrumental in connecting two extraordinary organizations to share our goal:  The wellbeing of the vulnerable.

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