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The Heart Of Stella Foundation Donated Generously To Unchain Our Children’s Support Of Places Of Safety

Callyn Bowler, Managing Director of The Heart of Stella Foundation recently donated adult clothes, brand-new books, school stationary packs and a special gift in the form of a book by Philip Frankel with the title Human Trafficking in South Africa, for the UOC Library.

Her accompanying letter inspired greatly:

“We hope as your war on darkness grows, we grow with you. We want to fight the good fight for mothers, children, and babies. We hope our impact reaches great lengths for you in the coming future.”   

The Heart of Stell Foundation, is a NPO focussing on supporting other organisations in their endeavour to facilitate change and growth in the communities it serves.  Besides being a doting mother and an incredible voice for the vulnerable, Callyn is also Managing Director of her company, Morale Corp, Unchain Our

Children would like to express their immense appreciation for Callyn’s continuous support and contribution and welcomes her dedication to the wellbeing of vulnerable mothers and babies.


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