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Strong Unchain Our Children Community Network Resulted In Veggie Donation To Four Charity Organizations

Strong ties with the Brits community and a well-known farmer in the area, lead to a meeting with DW Fresh, the biggest vegetable agency on the Pretoria Fresh Produce Market who very kindly donated veggies which are shared among four Pretoria charity organizations who weekly feed many destitute persons and make sure everybody receives a nutritious meal.

Community ties are essential to be aware of the needs of one community and also of the possibilities of assistance that exist in another community.  Unchain Our Children is most fortunate that they can act as a catalyst in both cases and bring about solutions thanks to well established community ties that are firmly in place even across the borders of provinces. In the process, they serve other NPOs and NPCs when they share donations.

Although not the core activity of Unchain Our Children, assisting people with living essentials from time to time, is part of their humanitarian outreach which is supported by the business communities and generous individuals.

“DW Fresh Produce market agency acts as a fresh produce agent to produce products to and from South Africa to buyers, with the goal of stimulating supply and demand and providing the best possible quality product to the end consumers. The agency has 3 definite specialty areas namely: Potatoes & Onions, Fruits and Vegetables.”

Unchain Our Children would like to thank DW Fresh sincerely for their great generosity.

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