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Stork Tea For Abandoned Babies Attended Well By Generous Public Donating Baby Neccesities

A stork tea was organized by the Afrikaanse Toekomstrust (ATTSA) together with Unchain Our Children (UOC) to invite the general public and friends of the two organizations to celebrate the lives of babies that are not wanted by single mothers or abandoned at birth.  Guests were invited to bring baby necessities which will be issued for the little ones’ care in the places of safety they are placed.

Often a taboo subject in conversations, unwanted and abandoned babies are a reality in the society we live in and they are literally left on pavements, wrapped in black bags and dumped in trash cans where law enforcement and UOC operatives find them and bring them to places of safety together with registered social workers and law enforcement officers.

A festive atmosphere welcomed the guests bringing gifts by the bakkie- and trailer loads.   The event created huge awareness for the great need to care for the newborns.  New acquaintances were made with like-minded people and companies. The guests were introduced to the activities of ATTSA and UOC bringing change in the the world of the vulnerable population.

“This is not a once-off event”, said Dinah Bronkhorst, Executive Head of Afrikaanse Toekomstrust (ATTSA) and organizer of this lovely initiative.  “We plan to have it as an annual event and want to create an even bigger audience for this worthy cause”

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Telephone:  072 126 1158