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SUCCESS: Siblings rescued by Unchain Our Children’s operative team from incestuous abuse

Unchain Our Children was the first contact for a 12-year-old girl to report the horrific sexual molestation her father subjected her and her 4-year-old sibling to.  She chose to reach out to protect her younger sister. Tragically, her mother, who was aware of the molestation, twice turned a blind eye to her daughters’ sexual abuse at the hand of her husband. This was secondary abuse for the already deeply traumatized victims.  The accused denied all involvement.

Upon the reporting of this case, Unchain’s Senior Case Manager acted immediately by following all protocols, procedures, and processes and the same day, together with Hercules SAPS members, Hercules Community Police Forum’s Executive Victim Empowerment managers, registered DSD social workers and SAFREC, the two victims were taken to a temporary place of safety and the father and mother, who both tested positive for Crystal Methamphetamine and Marijuana, were arrested and are currently in custody awaiting trial.

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Incestuous abuse is an unpardonable crime, illegal and punishable under the Sexual Offences Amendment Act (SOAA).

Grooming these innocent children for sexual exploitation and blackmailing them to keep the “secret” were the tragic modus operandi of the perpetrator.  Day after day the two sisters were sexually molested by their biological father while he prompted them to act indecently with each other in front of him.

How was this horrible act even perceived by parents!  What mechanisms in a human being’s psyche slips to rush past reason and allow themselves to engage in something so unthinkable?  These unimaginable acts are only understood in the arena where evil punts its horror to a numb and drug induced brain.

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Unchain Our Children exists to reach, rescue, and restore exploited children.  We always act in the best interest of a child’s life.  We have zero tolerance for the exploitation of children.

Call our Crisis Line if you are aware of any molestation and/or abuse against children: 067 323 7116


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