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SAPS Hercules gender-based violence action campaign emphasized importance of networking to curb increased violence against women and children in South Africa

Attended by Unchain Our Children and other likeminded organizations

Continuous interaction between vital role players in the arena of combatting gender-based violence, is essential for long-term working relationships which benefit the citizens trapped in the dire socio-economic climate we all experience in South Africa currently.

SAPS Hercules recently held another important meeting regarding their gender-based violence awareness campaign in Pretoria Gardens where several important organizations were invited to attend.

Colonel Tsoaedi, SAPS Hercules Station Commander, announced the purpose of the meeting – Creating Awareness to bring Tangible Change.  Spokespersons of Rata Social Services, DSD Social Services, Hercules Mental Health Clinic, Salvation Army (Shelter Placement Services), Correctional Services Centre, Hercules Clinic, SAFREE Ambulance Services, Malusi Youth Development Organisation (MYDO), emphasised the importance of awareness in the community and explained the services they render to combat, address, and prevent gender-based violence in the community.

Services offered included, amongst other, Correctional Service Programmes in schools, jail tours, health, and psychiatric services for children from 2 years and older and social services.

Networking among attendees opened new opportunities for joint activities rendering a bouquet of uplifting and intervention services for the community.

An interesting exercise during the meeting proofed a good point of how unaware one can be about a fellow man’s wellbeing; a bruise was painted on one of the attendees’ arm without announcing it to the rest of the audience at the time. Upon interacting with the group, no one actually notice the bruise.  Perhaps the habit of having our eyes on electronic devices and not on others, is stealing the opportunities to step in and see the pain.  However, the ongoing efforts of every organization present were encouraging and the survivors of gender-based violence and public at large have the hope of being helped when they need it.

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