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Recent UOC Donation Prompted Recipient To Return The Blessing When Offering A Place Of Safety For Severely Abused Elderly Lady

A recent milk donation from Unchain Our Children was actually an answer to prayer for the recipient.  At the time it was unknown to UOC that their donation had come at exactly the right time to meet that need.  When we had to find a place of safety for a severely abused elderly lady, that same recipient, came forward and wanted to return the favor so she welcomed the destitute elderly lady with open arms and gave her the home, her abusive family couldn’t.

This story is evident of the strength of team work and of how different NPOs, NPCs and like-minded individuals can combine their resources and donations to serve our fellow man in distress.

A visit to this place of safety left one silent and in awe of such sincere and heartfelt care that one person has for the destitute elderly people in our country.  Meeting with *Rose (not the real name) and during a walk through the facility, one witnessed the great care that are being taken daily with the elderly there.  The basic needs of everyone are taken care of but it is the interpersonal relationship with each resident that impressed.

The survivor was frail and socially shy when she was discharged from hospital but is now thriving and enjoying safety, comfort, good food, and her personal hygiene is being taken care of beautifully.  Her skin’s condition improved wonderfully, and she has gained more weight.

One of the moments of wonder for the staff was when she was served her first plate of nutritious food.  “Is all of this mine?”, she asked with tears running down her cheeks, before she enjoyed her lunch.

Rose’s place is a true haven where this survivor of elder abuse came to experience a warm bath and bed, clean clothes, medicine for the aches and pains but most of all that human touch that heals the soul.

Unchain Our Children has the deepest respect and admiration for Rose’s generosity and her exemplary service to the elderly. Although Rose wanted to remain anonymous, we still wanted to share the story of a modern-day Florence Nightingale among us.

If you can, please consider donating bed linen, masks, latex gloves (size medium), bedside lamps, pillows, and fans.

NOTE: To protect the privacy of the recipient upon her request, we didn’t use her real name.  To maintain the security of the place of safety, the location and name is also being withhold.

For donations contact: Wayne van Onselen on 0723648246