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Quick response of corporate staff to UOC’s request provided 12-year-old child with essentials at place of safety

The strength of Unchain Our Children is in the incredible people we are privileged to have met over the years.  People of substance.  People that have hearts for the needs of others and a message in their words.  People that pledged their unconditional dedication to the vulnerable, the abused and the lonely.

Abuse is experienced as being unloved by the very people that are supposed to protect and provide.  And when violent domestic environments, often coupled with gender-based violence, hunger, neglect, and abandonment are all that happen in a child’s life, kindness comes as spring rain, refreshing the survivor’s hope in humanity.

Today, we want to acknowledge a group of people, who insisted on staying anonymous, and thank them sincerely for their quick response to a request for clothes, stationary, toiletries for a 12-year-old child that was brought to safety recently.  Within 24 hours, a huge gift pack was put together with essential item and much more, ready for collection.

The most precious part of the gift, were the letters of encouragement they wrote to the survivor that accompanied the donation. The intent of their hearts as well as the message of their words proclaimed their empathy in a tangible way.

We thank each and every person for their huge contribution to the restoration of a young life.

If you are aware of child abuse of any kind, contact Unchain Our Children:

National Crisis Line:  067 323 7116