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New Beginningz Donating Baby Formula To Unchain Our Children

Give and take, normally creates great balance.  However, Give and Give, seems to be the epitome of abundance.  Such was the case when Unchain Our Children was blessed with a bakkie-load of baby formula from New BeginningZ recently.

Wayne van Onselen, Founder and Executive Director of Unchain Our Children received this huge donation of baby formula from New BeginningZ and it will be distributed among several places of safety UOC serves.

New BeginningZ has been caring since 2001 for abandoned and neglected new-borns, babies, toddlers, and children up to 18.

Child abuse and poverty are the main causes for abandoned and neglected children in South Africa and New BeginningZ have created an infra-structure, projects, and excellent management of specialised care to curb the devastation in our South African society.

Visit New BeginningZ:

Call Unchain Our Children’s National Crisis Line to report child abuse:  067 323 7116