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Long-Term Milk Donation Enables Unchain Our Children To Provide Several Recipients With Regular Support

It is with huge gratitude that Wayne van Onselen, Founder and Executive Director of Unchain our Children recently received yet another trailer-load of milk from a much-treasured Corporate Donor, dedicated to UOC’s cause!

With every long-life milk donation, Unchain Our Children is celebrating our generous Corporate Donor who has committed to support our cause and benefits the recipients in the different communities we serve.  Long-term sponsors are the backbone of NPOs/NPCs because it enables an organization to sustain their initiatives among the vulnerable.

In turn, Unchain Our Children is happily promoting our donor’s brand by positively boosting it on our public platforms and in so doing creates brand awareness and generates publicity among new audiences.  It’s a two-way street:  giving and receiving, as one action serves the other among those who need it most. Synergy between Sponsors/Donors and NPOs/NPCs, is essential in bringing effective change in society.

For Unchain Our Children, the most valued benefit is that we can help more people more often and, the increased awareness among the donor’s audiences around our cause.