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Little Girl safely with Grandparents after severe Neglect

This is the story of a little girl, whose mother wasn’t caring for her and she was used by the maternal grandmother to beg on the streets for food, nappies, and milk, while the child grant is used to pay for drugs.  The milk was then used by the adults.

Drinking parties during weekends left the little one on her own, without supervision and on occasion she was injured and left with a burn wound.  Night time was equally unpleasant for this girl as bed bugs bit her constantly without any action from the parents to do something about it. Cramped living conditions, sharing accommodation with many family members, added to the distress the girl experienced.

Our intervention, together with the appointed social worker, resulted in the court ruling, appointing the paternal grandparents as primary caregivers for the little girl.  She is cared for and loved, and her basic needs provided for.  She experiences stability and has been enrolled in an early learning facility where she can learn social skills and develop intellectually. The parents and maternal grandmother have been granted visitation rights by the court.

Working closely with several police stations in Pretoria, trust relationships are built over the years and strong working relationships are established.  The officers often contact Unchain Our Children to assist with the relevant child care agencies in matters where children are neglected and abused.

Unchain Our Children, in collaboration with many professional role players, combine their expertise to always tend speedily and effectively to the best interest of children

There is hope in every situation.  If there is a will for change, there is a way.

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