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SUCCESS: Liberty Of Baby D

A Testimony of Unchain Teamwork

The fast and efficient action of UOC’s operatives Team resulted in the rescue of another severely neglected baby that was brought to safety within a matter of two hours yesterday.

From chaos to comfort, this little one’s situation changed instantly thanks to the quick action of the Team. All protocols and procedures were strictly adhered to. We are extremely grateful for the excellent cooperation of SAPS Hercules, Cobra, NCIS and a dedicated private social worker and her concern for the wellbeing of Baby D.

We also want to applaud the neighbour who informed UOC about the dire circumstances the baby was kept in.

With more than 180 cases being reported to UOC from January to September 2021, we have often been asked what the secret of our successful outcomes is.

Wayne van Onselen, Founder and Managing Director of UOC emphasised the non-negotiable qualities essential for UOC operatives on the frontline:

“The most important is, that you must have the heart to do what you are doing. It mustn’t be about you; it must be about the cause that you are supporting. To me, it is a calling, not a cause. Not everyone has that calling but they want to share what they can give to children and women in need of protection and care.”

‘It is great to experience God’s hand in the bigger picture as challenges often test one’s tenacity, but the next victim we bring to safety, fuels the fire in our hearts and we remain vigilant and fearless in combatting violence and abuse against women and children’.

The character and qualities of an operative manifest already in the first case they do in collaboration with UOC. The standard is acknowledged and set, and the team has increased in strength and ability a hundred-fold since 2013.

Often ‘the system’ is blamed when poor results are experienced by citizens. Many of our operatives are in ‘the system’. The same tools and resources are available to them. The question is, why are they successfully implementing the structure that is otherwise blamed for failure?

Wayne put the issue in perspective when he explains: ‘It is not the system that are failing the citizen, it is the people in the system that fail the system. The difference is passion and professionalism. Those who shine, have real responsibility towards their position and performance. They display a great loyalty and respect towards the position they are placed in. Their self-respect is shown in the quality work they deliver’.

The secret to UOC’s phenomenal growth is personal referrals from key operatives. This results in new volunteers, known for their integrity and service delivery, to come forward and offer their skills, talents, and abilities. The Team’s capacity grows, and more women and children can be saved more often.


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