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Joint Operation By Unchain Our Children And Shekinah 911 Emergency Medical Services Defused Gender-Based Violence And Substance Abuse Incidents

Two separate interventions were successfully executed late last night when Unchain Our Children and Shekinah 911 Emergency Services responded to a family regarding substance abuse and later to another family regarding gender-based violence.

Assessment of the incidents and victims were quickly and efficiently done, assistance offered, and volatile situations defused.  Shekinah 911 EMS redressed old wounds and support and direction were given to the families going forward to prevent more incidents.

Another successful intervention was celebrated, thanks to excellent team work and dedication to the healing and restoration of families which impacted significantly on the wellbeing of the children.

Do you need help with Gender-Based Violence, Domestic Violence?  Call Unchain Our Children National Crisis Line:  067 323 7116

 Contact Shekinah 911 Emergency Services: 072 947 2067