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Huge turnout for Golf Day – initiated by Da Ward 106 Ekurhuleni – benefitting Unchain Our Children and Teddy Bear Clinic at Reading Golf Course Alberton

Unchain Our Children’s first Golf Day, initiated by Timothy Denny, DA Councillor for Ward 106 and his excellent team, took place 6 May 2022 at Reading Golf Course in Alberton.  Local and national corporates contributed generously booking 4-balls and sponsoring holes.  The organisers nominated Unchain Our Children and The Teddy Bear Clinic in Alberton as the beneficiaries and the proceeds will be divided between the two organizations.

Fifty-four golfers, among them, MISA’s amateur Ladies Team, played 18 holes under a clear blue autumn sky.  New acquaintances were made, established working relationships celebrated and one goal pursued: the best interest of the children of the South in the Alberton area. The proceedings of the day ran smoothly thanks to the Reading Golf Director, Donovan Main and Nina, Lance, Bronwyn, and Sandy of DA Ward 106.

A lavish dinner, prepared by the professional catering staff of Reading, completed a great day.  Items were auctioned, raffle tickets sold, and every golfer received a prize. Brad and Darryn Binder, professional motor cycle racers, donated signed shirts as prizes.

*’Morgan Freeman’ was among the guests and purchase a huge teddy and a bag of hand-knitted teddy bears provided by friends of the Teddy Bear Clinic. *This gentleman is a split image of the real Morgan Freeman but had us all enjoyed a short while of wonder as his likeness to the famous actor is significant.

Rob Davidson, member of The Parlotones, a South African indie rock band was among the guests as well.

The name of an UOC springboard safehouse which will be run in tandem with Unchain Our Children and Alberton Welfare, was announced during the ceremony; “The Purple Willow” will be a place of rest, peace, and safety for abandoned, neglected, and abused children of the South.

Unchain Our Children would like to extend our sincerest gratitude towards the organisers Councillor Tim Denny and his team who are sharing our quest for the safety of children.

Unchain Our Children is extremely blessed by all the companies and individuals that supported the Golf Day.  We thank Timothy Denny, DA Councillor for Ward 106, Ekurhuleni and his team for this great initiative.