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Harties Fm Radio Station In Conversation With Unchain Our Children’s Counter-Human Trafficking Operative

Another in-depth conversation was conducted this morning by Harties FM Presenter, Esther Groenewald, with Amy, the counter-human trafficking operative of UOC.

Harties FM Radio’s initiative to roll out an awareness campaign to educate their listeners about the dangers of human trafficking is an incredible support of UOC’s work and a valued platform to proclaim UOC’s message of hope.

With The Sound of Freedom movie currently on circuit, this interview is right on time to add to the importance of counter-human trafficking awareness among the general public.

With a listenership of 54 400, mostly in Mpumalanga, Harties FM has provided a valuable platform for Unchain Our Children where a message of hope is broadcasted for victims and survivors of abuse and who might be in the grip of human trafficking.

If you are aware of any dubious activities that can be indicative of human trafficking, please report it to your nearest Police station or email us on  You can also call the UOC National Crisis Line:  067 323 7116.

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