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Grandmother’s Heartfelt Gratitude Towards Unchain Our Children For Bringing Her Grandson To Safety

It was during hard lockdown that the UOC Team set out to investigate severe neglect of a two-year-old and assisted his grandmother with the necessary processes to have him brought to safety.

Today, the suffering has been replaced by daily joys and deep reverence for God’s grace and Unchain Our Children’s intervention which resulted in this boy’s beautiful life.

From a lost and bewildered stare in a neglected little 2-year-old’s eyes, to a confident, and happy sparkle in the now 5-year-old little boy’s eyes – all thanks to the relentless love of his grandmother who refused to give up on him.

No one can tell the story better than the devoted grandmother herself:

“It was the most frustrating time of my life when my 2-year-old grandson was used on the street to maintain the habits of the parents. Every second night, my husband and I were driving to the town where my grandson resided to see if we could find him to bring him to safety.

I had repeatedly been contacting welfare representatives trying to explain the dire and dangerous situation my grandson was in, but to no avail.  I was beginning to lose faith in the justice system. But as a grandmother I said to myself I will not give up until I have my grandson in my arms.

I phoned numerous numbers, from law enforcement to child line to shelters, without any success and it became a nightmare, not knowing whether my baby was warm, had eaten, had something to drink, or was healthy.

I couldn’t sleep and became ill – all because of this huge stress and not knowing the whereabouts of my baby.  Even during hard lockdown, I took risks, exploring my options to find my grandson.  I spent days in fasting and prayer and pleading with God – please make a way and keep him safe!

Then the most awesome day dawned.  I got a phone call from one of the Unchain Our Children operatives, “Check your phone – the mother was arrested, and we are looking for the baby.” 

Months of searching and waiting took its toll. I burst out in tears and fell to my knees and ask God to make a way as I didn’t see a way.  Around three or four in the afternoon more awesome news were announced, “Tannie, we found your baby.”

My husband and I immediately drove to the social services in the town where my grandson was located. When we see each other, pure joy filled our hearts and the little one came running into my arms.”

“There was no extra clothing with him, only one nappy, a red plastic spoon and his very dirty drinking cup.  UOC Team bought him a pair of black booties and a warm jacket.  We stopped for some nuggets.  He gobbled it down, even while it was still piping hot, not chewing, just swallowing one after the other.  He was starved and so happy to have some food.  I held him so tight.  I prayed and thanked God, the God of miracles.”

“I really want to thank Unchain Our Children and their Operatives Team for their dedication, their time and all their effort to rescue children like my little grandson who are abused, abandoned, and neglected and used on the streets to maintain parents’ bad habits.

For all these years, I have been sharing photos with Wayne van Onselen, Founder and Executive Director of Unchain Our Children to show just how great grandson is doing now and how happy he is at this stage with his father, brother and two sisters.  Spoiling him is such a privilege!”

“Thank you from the bottom of my grandmother heart for saving and rescuing my little grandson from the darkness. Thank-you to Unchain Our Children and their Operatives Team for the amazing job they are doing.  May this organization be blessed beyond measure and so much more, more than they’ll ever be able to contain!”

 NOTE:  Identities and case details withheld.