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Executive director of Unchain Our Children, Wayne van Onselen, was guest speaker on counter human trafficking at military police crime combatting forum (CCF)

Unchain Our Children’s Executive Director, Wayne van Onselen, was invited as the guest speaker by Colonel Marinda Swart, Regional Provost Marshal for the Northern MP Region at the Thaba Tshwane Military Police Crime Combatting Forum where he addressed the audience yesterday on the shocking reality of Human Trafficking in all its brutality.  He explained how it hides in the light and how it can be identified, addressed, and prevented.  He quoted the latest statistics to support the severity of the status quo.

Highlighting organ harvesting, which is sometimes overlooked, as a serious reality in the Human Trafficking Chain, he provided the members with valuable information. He cemented working relations and celebrated a collaboration with Colonel Swart and her specialised units in the Military Police to join forces in fighting the evil of human trafficking in all its heinous manifestations.

“UOC is forming a networking platform with the Military Police in the fight against crime in the military community”, Wayne reiterated.

With eyes on the end goal, which is the safety SA citizens, a newly joint force of serious counter human trafficking collaboration between the Military Police and Unchain Our Children was established and will be implemented in tandem with the community to actively combat Human Trafficking with zero tolerance to its devastating erosion of humanity.  Wayne, a former law enforcement officer, inspired the military members with his enthusiasm for solutions and he encouraged the members to observe their surroundings and report any activities pointing to Human Trafficking activities in the community.

Colonel Marinda Swart, Regional Provost Marshall of the Northern Region said, “This committee was established to permit commanders and community representatives to make their policing and crime concerns heard and to improve the transparency and accountability of the military police, promoting joint problem identifications and finding solutions to the problem.  This can only be done with the help of unit commanders and the military community fighting crime within Thaba Tshwane military area.”

The aim of the CFF is to communicate the complete crime picture and criminal activities within Thaba Tshwane military- and residential areas, including patterns, tendencies contributing factors.  The Forum will also set a platform for officer commanders and the community representatives to make their policing and crime concerns heard and working hand in hand to resolve matters. Unchain Our Children will support the Forum in its endeavour.

Johan Cloete, Secretary of Hercules Community Policing Forum, also shared the importance of the roles and responsibility of the community being aware of their surroundings by acting pro-actively. He proposed valuable community involvement initiatives to the audience.

Unchain Our Children would like to congratulate Colonel Swart with this initiative, and we welcome every opportunity to form new networking platforms where combined efforts to combat Human Trafficking will result in a higher success rate.