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Court appointed Grandparents as Primary Caregivers of two Siblings

Unchain Our Children, together with the relevant childcare agencies, worked tirelessly for almost a year to bring two siblings to the safe haven of their grandparents.

The grandparents discovered, to their disappointment, the severe neglect of their grandchildren by their biological parents because of drug- and alcohol use.  Their habit was taking priority over food, school fees and medical expenses. The grandparents stepped in to care for the children until the parents can proof that they are able, willing and dedicated to take their parental responsibilities seriously. The mother and father were encouraged to attend parenting classes which could be arranged for them.

We’ve walked with this family until the best interest of the children were served.

This case started October 2020 and after several court appearances has the court put the children in the grandparents’ care early 2021. Their grandmother recently shared this lovely picture with us. We notice their big smiles, evident of the happy outcome.

“I trust you,” and “Thank-you” are expressions our operatives often heard from the people in need. That is our reward as we treasure their trust.  We directed them and guided them through the processes and confidently encourage them to carry on in times when they were despondent exhausted and about to lose hope due to long term trauma and disappointments.


*Unchain Our Children has the Grandmother’s consent to share this picture and story on our Facebook Page to encourage others that there is hope in the darkest domestic circumstances.

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