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Collaborating Organisations Embarking On Revamping Crèche Project To Create Colorful Learning Environment For Children

In the beginning of 2023, during a meeting with Callyn Bowler, Managing Director and Founder of The Heart of Stella Foundation, Unchain Our Children experienced her passion for unity among NPOs and NPCs in order to serve children in the best possible way so change, upliftment and progress are evident and long-lasting. A project was soon identified with the goal to create a pleasant learning environment for children by assisting The Little Minions, a NPO Crèche in Rayton.  Callyn’s enthusiasm and mentoring have been inspiring since the inception of the project.

The revamp project for Little Minions, has been gaining excellent momentum as the collaborating organizations pulled all their resources and engaged their respective networks to invest in a beautiful learning environment for children.  Already several sponsors and donors announced that they will be contributing to the project.

The collaborating NPOs, NPCs and NGOs are:  The Heart of Stella Foundation, Shekinah 911 Emergency Medical Services, Unchain Our Children, Kids Care and The Given Foundation. 

Shekinah 911 Emergency Medical Services’ training division is sponsoring the Level 1 First Aid training for Little Minions’ teachers which will take place 14 April.

Several activities are already scheduled, and an Easter Party is planned at the Crèche for 11 April while volunteers will assist with the Painting and Building Care days from 2nd June to 4th June.  New supplies, décor and other necessities will be moved in on Monday 5 June.

Stationary gift packs have been donated by Unchain our Children to the project, thanks to a generous gift from an anonymous donor.

The purpose of the project is to exhibit the success of teamwork among like-minded organizations to create change so children can thrive, and communities can grow.  The project is also envisaged to be a ‘blue print’ for the next one.

Humanity is best expressed in being connected with each other to facilitate change.

We invite interested sponsors and donors to join us in this exciting project.

Contact:  Wayne van Onselen, Founder & Executive Director UOC: 072 364 8246