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Chair Donation Negotiated By Unchain Our Children With Afrikaanse Toekomstrust Provides Comfort For Elderly During Geseende Hande Feeding Scheme In Danville

Wayne van Onselen, Founder and Executive Director of Unchain Our Children facilitated a much-needed chair donation with Dinah Bronkhorst, Executive Head of Afrikaanse Toekomstrust (ATTSA) for Geseënde Hande, a NPO in Danville serving their community in Daspoort and Danville.  Weekly, Ester Malan and her team are feeding four thousand people in total, including school children and the elderly.  Some of the recipients are physically challenged. From 10h00, on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday many are already queueing for the long awaiting and much treasured meal.  The 20 chairs, delivered today by Afrikaanse Toekomstrust, bring huge relieve especially for the elderly and those dependent on crutches.

Unity among NPO/NPC-sector develops when like-minded organizations share the same goal – the wellbeing of the less fortunate. Resources, manpower and ideas are shared and needs of the community are being provided for.  Strength is indeed in numbers, but more so in a serving attitude to the benefit of those who need it most.

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