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CASE CLOSED! – Older man cyber stalking a minor held accountable and victim safe

A recent case of cyber stalking with the intent to deceive a minor by pretending that this much older man is a teen, has been successfully investigated by two specialist investigators whose intent it is to save as many victims from perpetrators as they can. Cyber stalkers are deliberately using the anonymity of chat rooms, social media, and other platforms as their predatory playground.

Unchain our Children’s specialist investigator was contacted by another seasoned investigator in South Africa and thanks to their incredible case work, and the Unchain Team of expertise and their specialist resources, Homeland Security and SAPS, the investigation proceeded speedily and lead to the arrest of the cyber stalker and his incarceration.

The young victim was deeply traumatised by this unfortunate event but is safe and not anymore in the reach of the predator’s shameless efforts to hook her by his charade.

These predators are actually keyboard cowards using online technologies to harass and threaten selected victims. Online cyber stalkers can target anyone despite age or gender and this practise is increasing as online networking is trending at an unprecedented rate.

Children and teens are lured into conversations and because of their innocence and lack of experience, they believe these chats are legit.  Luckily diligent parents intervened and pointed out the danger of cyber stalking.  Cyber stalkers are not always strangers, in some cases the stalker might be a previous partner, a co-worker or even a family member or friend.

The best cure is prevention.  Take preventative measures. Know the patterns.  Know the signs.  Stalkers are criminals.  What they do is a crime against children.  Every person who is aware of such activities is obliged to report these activities.

Limit the amount of personal information, including photos, you share online. Regularly change passwords and don’t share them. Enable proper privacy settings on social media platforms. Watch out for excessive commenting on social media pages. Review ‘friends lists’ and block unknown individuals.

“Adults need to be made aware of their children’s unsupervised activities on their phones,” emphasized one of the investigators.

The successful closure of this case serves as a warning for abusers and stalkers:  You will be found.  It also brings hope for victims and survivors: You will be assisted so you can be free.

And for the rest of us? The onus is on us, to report these crimes the moment we are aware of it.

If you need help, call Unchain Our Children’s Crisis Line:  067 323 7116

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