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Awareness And Support For Unchain Our Children’s Battle Angel Special Ops Unit In South Korea

A recent spotting of an Unchain Our Children Battle Angel sticker on a supporter’s car in South Korea, indicates UOC’s reach across the globe. The Battle Angel, a symbol of protection and certainly the war against human trafficking and other severe abuse of children, is gaining interest worldwide.

Not only had the investigative work of the Unchain Our Children Battle Angel Special Ops Unit ended up in several pending- and/or closed cases, but their dedication and care echo in the hearts and minds of victims and survivors that have been brought to safety.

Working tirelessly, often in joint operations to pursue justice for women and children, the UOC Battle Angel Special Ops Unit’s efforts pay off and their successes are shared all over the world.

The solidarity between the team members lays a strong foundation for precision and efficiency, hence the successful and swift response to calls. The team is dedicated to the cause:  to set victims and survivors free.

The Unchain Our Children Battle Angel Special Ops Unit, is a joint venture and came into existence by several security companies, medical support organizations, attorneys, and doctors offering their services to be part of the liberation process for victims/survivors of Domestic- and Gender-based violence as well as Human trafficking.

Unchain Our Children’s name is reaching far, as far as Angels’ wings can.

Are you a Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence or Gender-based Violence victim/survivor in need of assistance? 

There is help. Call Unchain Our Children’s Crisis Line:  067 323 7116