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Alberton: The Purple Willow Launched As A Children’s Haven

Greater Alberton areas and the South of Johannesburg will soon have a children’s safe haven for young victims of abuse.

Different entities jointly introduced a crisis safe house, officially named The Purple Willow, to temporarily house young abuse victims. Based in Alberton North, the springboard place of safety will be a place of rest and safety for abandoned, neglected and abused children.

The springboard safe house was officially named on May 6 at Reading Country Club. Its name was revealed at a charity golf day after corporates contributed generously, booking four-balls and sponsoring holes.

Organised by Ward 106 councillor Timothy Denny and committee members, the golf day was in aid of The Teddy Bear Clinic and Unchain Our Children. Proceeds will also go towards giving the new place of safety a facelift.

According to councillor Tim Denny, who saw a need to create a safe house, the children’s safe haven will be run together with Unchain Our Children and Alberton Child Welfare.

Denny assured that different stakeholders will join hands to achieve one goal of protecting the little ones.

Organiser Nina McFarlane and Ward 106 committee members thanked all businesses and individuals that made the charity golf day event a success.

Service to the community

Dalene Bishop of The Teddy Bear Clinic reiterated that Unchain Our Children will be the service providers of the new safe house.

Wayne van Onselen of Unchain Our Children stressed that this will be a springboard place of safety. He also said they will follow the route of having family ambassadors or temporal foster parents who will house and care for the children.

Linette Linvelt of Unchain our Children told the RECORD that the temporal safe house will possibly be a blueprint, with which its services will likely be taken outside of Alberton.


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