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Abused Victim Recovered After Stay In Safe House Thanks To Intervention Of Unchain Our Children And Its Ambassador, Ianthe Froneman

During a church outreach in Pretoria North Ianthe Froneman, UOC Ambassador came across a destitute lady living with her friend in squalor with no running water or electricity which made personal hygiene impossible.  For food they dug into rubbish bins to find a morsel to eat. Drug use, unfortunately, added to the dire situation they found themselves in and it lead to abuse.

Ianthe and her team decided to walk with them and directed them to a counsellor for therapy.  However, sadly the gentleman wasn’t ready to break away from the debilitating lifestyle.  He ended up hurting her badly by hitting her in the face with a brick.  This lead to the intervention of Ianthe and her team and with the help of Wayne van Onselen, Founder and Executive Director of Unchain Our Children, they brought her to a safehouse. The gentleman was arrested and is currently serving his sentence in jail.

The good news is that the lady has recovered well and is living with her mum and working as a car guard.  Ianthe is keeping in touch with her to keep her motivated and encouraged on her way to rebuilding her life and celebrating freedom from abuse and neglect.

The story brings hope to victims of domestic- abuse and gender-based violence.  There is hope.  There is freedom.

Are you in need of intervention?  Call Unchain Our Children Crisis Line: 067 323 7116